Is Amazon Fire TV the same as Amazon Fire Stick 4k MAX?

I recently purchased an Amazon Fire TV to replace an old Vizio I had for like 15 years. On the Vizio, I had a Fire Stick 4k Max with expanded internal storage using an OTG cable. Now that I replaced this TV with a FireTV, can I assume I no longer require this OTG cable and simply plug the USB Flash Drive directly into the FireTV USB port? I looked and couldn’t find any of Troy’s articles addressing this.

The fire TV doesn’t have near the capabilities of the Max. Plug your fire stick back into your new TV, run it just like your old one.

My new Amazon Live TV has four HDMI ports. We want to continue using our Satelite service DirecTV but I don’t want the LiveTV Menu. We’re hoping to simply switch to HDMI2 and have the DirecTV1 menu show up.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you, Throttlejockey. Can you just summarize how the 4K is that much better?

Your TV doesn’t have the computer processing capabilities or the RAM or the storage of a fire stick or any other streaming device. Much easier using a stick or other device. TV is just a monitor

Fire TV Device Specifications: Overview | Amazon Fire TV

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The new Fire tv has better specs than I thought.

Big one for me is Wifi 6

Couldn’t agree more, the 4K Max one of a very few inexpensive streamers that have Wi Fi 6 and some other notable things.

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