IPVanishVPN connection speed

I installed the most recent version and it still is significantly slowing my connection speed. Averaging only 1/3 the download rate compared to when disconnected. Any setting adjustment I can make to correct this problem?

Hi @RobertH
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Troy put out a video about adjustment to try
Try this:

I am a decade long subscriber to IPVanish.
On Ethernet, my download speed averages 930Mbps with IPVanish 600+Mbps posted pics.
Firestick on WiFi 58Mbps using IPVanish 40Mbps
NVidia Shield on ethernet was 662Mbps using IPVanish 508Mbps.
The Troypoint advisor video is soild. Key is using Server location which is faster closer & experiment with individual servers as all of them are not alike. I use Dallas & b23 or b25 myself. But my geo location now is closer to Dallas but New Orleans is close & yet is slower for me. Experiment.


I agree, i think most users allow to auto select, i never do. The lowest cloeset server would be ideal.

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