Ipvanish wont install on windows 10 s mode

can someone sho me how can i install ipvanish running win10 s mode


Look here.

im using microsoft edge browser an windows 10 s mode

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i think with windows s mode, if it is not in the windows store it cannot be installed

so is there something i can do to install ipvanish on my win 10 system.


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i’m not an expert but windows s mode is designed nothing gets in and nothing gets out. did you look in windows store to see if IPvanish is there? s mode is probably the most secure windows system for a normal user. why do you feel you need a vpn? add UBlockOrigin extension by raymond hill to your edge browser and you should be good. hope this is helpful

sure i looked in the windows store to see if IPvanish is there, its NOT. that’s why im looking 4 a different method. and win 10 s mode has to be disabled to install ipvanash and by disabling it. it will no longer work on this computer.

Did you look at the guide I posted? It’s very detailed with screen shots and exact directions.

You can download the app from IPVanish website otherwise.

The best way to use the SSTP setup on windows
Link provided by @Miki.

After configured my windows 10 with SSTP by following the easy steps worked for me.