Ipvanish turning off

When I check the IPvanish App it is not connected. I connect it and at some point it disconnects but I don’t know that until I check the App again

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I’ve had that happen but on my phone. Did you try uninstalling vanish and re installing, and check your settings

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Android has a kill switch

Yes I know, that’s why I told him to check his settings too

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10-4…more information better than not enough…I know pictures / videos help me learn and understand better.

Install vpnsafetydot(.)com It’s a little app that gives you a coloured dot or a thumb in the top right corner of your screen to show your VPN is active.


I just purchased IPVanish with the @TROYPOINT discount. I guess I read wrong and thought the Android TV app had an actual kill switch, I like that feature. I use Surfshark and the kill switch works flawlessly. I can’t connect any app unless its split tunneled or I reset the switch inside the app. I think the Safety Dot is a great idea, however I’ve tested it by disconnecting my VPN and unfortunately it still flashes green. Now its kind of a trust issue. I’m only using for IPTV as I don’t Torrent

Very odd as the moment my vpn goes down mine gives me the thumb down. I use the thumb not the dot

Ya it’s weird. I doubt there is a difference between the two

I doubt it to. Usually there are 3 colored dots green yellow red. Easy to figure which is for what.

Exactly. I meant between the dot and thumb. LOL

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