IPVanish speeds

Switched vpn to IPVanish. I was able to get 85Mbps down load speed for the first time ever.
Firestick 4K Wi-Fi, vpn off 96Mbps / vpn on 85Mbps
IPhone wi-fi, no vpn, 162Mbps
Windows PC Ethernet, no vpn, 390Mbps
Pay for up to 400Mbps from Xifinity.
I followed TroyPoint instructions. Got the biggest increase changing the port setting.
I’m told Firestick 4K can only go up to 100Mbps, so I’m quite happy with 96Mbps speed.
With my old VPN, I was only able to get 20Mbps down load speeds.


I just tested my VPN out of curiosity. EXPressVPN had an update. Using Analiti, and VPN off, download speed was 77MBs, with VPN on, download speed was 77MBs. So my speed was identical with or without a VPN. Not bad as without a vpn my connection is in my local country, with a VPN I’m in another country entirely. I’m a happy camper. Have fun and STREAM ON.


And a contrary example:
Windows 10 latest update, Xfinity cable-> Wifi ( capable of 500MB/s)
No VPN - 200 Mb/s
IPVanish - 80 Mb/s
Proton VPN - 200 Mb/s
VPN speed performance can vary greatly with hardware, system, and connection differences.

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The 4K will only go to 100 with an ethernet connection. It has a 10/100 switch. With WiFi it can go higher. At low IP usage times I get around 110 MBs down over WiFi. But it’s kind of mute point, as for most things streaming 30-35 MBs down is plenty. I understand you want what you pay for, but down here my IP would just laugh in your face if you complain, and IPs aren’t so many here. I’m wondering about that elon musk starlink myself, but wonder if the expense is worth the extra MBs down if I never need or use it.


My 4K Max measured 161 Mb/s without VPN and 65 Mb/s on IPVanish

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Good point , many people miss this point. Often their wifi speeds will be better not using the eth port and using wifi…throw in wifi6 and it really gets movin’



Good points, but a hardwired connection will always be more stable than wifi.

If your device supports 10.1000 and net negation is properly set then I’d go hardwired over wifi especially if fiber. If can’t wifi is fine, use wifi if needed.

I actually updated my vpn topic to discuss this very thing.


Very true if hardwiring is an option, for me it isn’t, and honestly I’ve never had an internet issue. I rent in a building where they have some sort of mesh system where the unit in my apartment doesn’t have an ethernet port. For me I’m lucky as noone else but me knows about the 5GHz connection. Lol. Everyone else is using the 2.4 GHz.


Hardwired is definitely the best…but you being the only one at the 5GHz buffet does have it’s advantages. Well done :+1:

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This post has been very informative. This is what I like about troypointinsider. :disguised_face:


First time I ever heard wifi is faster than ethernet.

Yes its possible. And I have proof with my current mecool 100mb box. I can unplug the eth cable and connect with wifi and get speeds way faster than 100mb.

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Where did you hear this? The 4k has wifi AC although I’ve never seen any speed specs on the device. I routinely get over 250Mbps on 5 GHz wifi connection on mine (router is about20 feet away from the firestick).

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If your hard wiring the the firestick it’s limited to a 10/100 connection which means you will get 120 down at the max.

As Dracoo indicated using an ethernet adapter on the Firestick the internal switch is 10/100, but those speeds are plenty for any streaming regardless of your internet speed if over 100MBs down, and using ethernet as opposed to WiFi you do have a more stable feed free of interference from any outside sources. Using WiFi you aren’t limited so can get faster speeds from 2.4GHz that penetrates walls and barriers the best to 5GHz which is faster as long as there is an unobstructed line of site to the internet source under say 30-50 ft, to the 6Ghz available on the 4K Max as long as you have a 6GHz internet source and this is faster yet. Clear as mud?

I will take a guess and say most of us do not have WiFi 6 internet or WiFi 6 routers.

That is only because of the limitations of the device you are using.

No it’s new so most IPs don’t even have it as an option, but they will, eventually.

Always good to learn something new.