IPVanish slow to the gate

When I switched from IPVanish to Surfshark, I made sure to let them know why–they were over priced. I knew from “Troypoint Topics” that people asked for a deal to renew and IPVanish was not receptive. They offered me a deal when I cancelled the other day, but I had just signed up with SS. I see in Troy’s last letter, IPVanish is now matching SS. This morning I was offered a year for $28.79 to go back to IPVanish. That’s too bad. I like to be loyal to a service that has worked well for me. But now that I am learning SS, I much prefer their interface and ease of use. I suppose that’s the risk company takes. If you don’t try to accommodate longterm customers, they may learn that a competitor is actually better. For those of you sticking with IPVanish, my experience is they are willing to deal now. SS is like Rich Strike!


Thanks for the info, its also why i always change vpns when they screw over, i make them fight to have me back at reduced prices. Lol sounds bad, but it seems none of these corporations want to help their long term customers. So i stick it to them.


I had IPVanish for 6 yrs and they refused to lower the price. I was paying $128/CDN per year. I tried customer service and all I got was "those prices are for new customers only. " Adios IPV. FYI, I tried ExpressVPN and that was an epic fail as well, then cyber ghost which was ok but not great, now I’m in Proton VPN and although it’s interface on streaming devices is really lacking in access to the full settings it works great for me with noticeable speed increase to 80+MBps.


I had exactly the same issue with IPVanish, no price reduction for loyalty so off to Surfshark I went. Excellent service and at an excellent price point.

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And that’s why I fired them over a year ago…

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I pay under $60/year lifetime for IPV and it works for me. I guess I’m the odd duck because it works, Never have to contact them for any reason. My question is this, increased speeds. If all you get is 25 down how do any of these increase your speed. Mine stays constant all the time, no drop

I agree IPV works great. But I was paying more than $60/year and I wanted a lower rate, like rates offered to new subscribers of IPV. IPV wouldn’t match that for me. A different VPN came in much cheaper and works just as fast. So my issue was price, not performance. I don’t know how you got a lifetime rate from IPV, but that is great!

I set up 5 bogus e-mail addresses on Gmail just to be able to get the IPvanish “new subscriber” rates. But this year, SS was even cheaper so I gave it a try. I kept getting messages from IPV to renew my subscription and most recently, a warning that my subscription has expired. No offer of a deal though.

I like IP vanish but not enough to pay their “renewal” rates ($80 a year).

No idea how my ProtonVPN increases my speed exactly. The info is on their site mentioning there app has speed increasing tech in it. Some sort of coding or even multi channel integration, who knows. As long as it works I’m a happy camper.

This is the plan i got fron ipv last year Account Status:Active
You have Unlimited cycle(s) remaining with this coupon for your current plan

Renewal Plan:
3 Years $99.00 USD after discounts (your current plan)
so i pay $33.00/year

Now that’s a great plan $33/yr for 3 yrs. Can’t go wrong for that. Nice.

Even better than mine