IPVanish protocols

WireGard is by far the fastest protocol on IPVanish when it works–but fairly often it quits working and I have to change to OpenVPN (2/3 as fast) to get links. That’s a minor hassle, but I’d like to know why it happens, and what, if anything, I can do about it from my end. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately all you can do is contact customer service and send them your device logs to see if they can help. To many variables.


My experience with IP vanish is terrible. My IPTV won’t run with it one nor will scores of other sites including Now TV. Not hugely impressed with a site so promoted on Troypoint and so easily detected

Many sites have the ability to detect the use of a VPN through tools like deep packet scanners. In all fairness it isn’t just IPVanish. There has been pressure from many sources to stop the use of VPNs to access “illegal” sites, in recent weeks.


I agree Ipvanish has been less then stellar for me and my needs. I currently have subscriptions to three different VPN services. For me so far this week Surfshark has been working the best followed by Nordvpn and Ipvanish I don’t waste my time anymore.

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