Ipvanish on asus router

OK, all u techy’s, got some questions… I just read a post about putting a vpn on my router. I have an Asus RT-ACRH13. When I go into the settings after putting in the IP address of the router, I scroll down to VPN. When I click on it, I get two tabs that show. One tab says, VPN server, with an option to enable PPTP VPN server. The other tab says, VPN client. If I enable the PPTP VPN server, it then wants me to put in my username and password of my IPVanish account. Then it says add it. If I don’t and just go to the other tab, VPN client, it asks me to add a profile and to put in my username and password for IPVanish. Which tab do I use, both or just the client? Also, when and if I can get that all done correctly, do I then need to keep the IPVanish app that I have installed on my MeCool KM3 Android box?

Thanking all in advance for your help!

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You will want to use the client and obtain your credentials from the ipvanish website.

edit… No you will not need the vpn app on your device as long as you are routed through router with vpn in service. However always verify your on the vpn.


Hello @Amrygirl see my video here for Asus VPN setup. How To Setup VPN On Router & Secure All Your Devices in 2020


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