IPVanish Free SugarSync account

How large is the SugarSync account included with IPVanish? Does SS have anything similar?

Hello at the time when that promo was running I believe it was 250 GB. That promo no longer exists. No, Surfshark doesn’t provide storage.

So, that was a promo and SugarSync is NOT included now w/IPVanish? If it was, I’d probably buy IPVanish in a heartbeat → that’s $10/month!

I havent been impressed with the SugarSync, tbh. It doesnt seem to be near as functional as other cloud servers. But for the price, cant be too picky I guess lol.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’ve downloaded the 5Gb free version on my phone, but that is evidently also only for a limited time. I guess nothing is free anymore and it isn’t worth it to me for another $10/mo for 250 Gb when you can get a 1Tb SSD for $50 now a days or a 4Tb HDD for $89. I don’t feel I need a VPN that badly, yet!

I have a 14TB HDD in my media server and I use it in conjunction with Plexpass. Acts just like a cloud that you can acces anywhere.

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