IPVanish detected by Netflix

I’ve been having issues recently with Netflix and IPVanish. Netflix has been detecting that I’m using the VPN and that I’m outside of the US. Any other VPN options that are not detected by netflix?

try switching servers untill you find one thats not detected. If on a router try dns swapping.

Paid apps will always conflict with vpns, split tunnel your vpn to netflix. This has been discussed at length.

He’s outside of the US. Split tunnelling won’t address his problem.

I cannot verify this, but Proton implies that their paid VPN will allow Netflix and other paid service to be accessed out of the US.

Once again, paid apps block you if you dont reside in the country you are trying to access. Geo blocking.

Some vons may bypass this but not a whole lot. Unfortunately you are at the mercy of paid app nonsense. Also they base it on your subscription, meaning if you used cad cc or us cc.

That’s true…
But the OP implied that he was trying to find a work-around for the geoblocking.

I know, and the answer is not really a workaround. Dns codes and servers are blocked… vpns dont always work with their geo unocking… also they are now locking you down based on subscription.

I don’t think that Netflix has gotten the locking down based on subscription thing nailed down yet. I know of two households which are currently sharing credentials with no isues so far. (We’re not involved in that.)

They do, it is happening. Maybe not all, but it is happening. Japan north and south koera uk us and canada. Some people may get away with it but they stopped cred sharring as well so its a thing.

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