IPVanish Boasts Major VPN Speed Improvement with Network Upgrade

Originally published at: https://troypoint.com/ipvanish-boasts-major-vpn-speed-improvement-with-network-upgrade/

The most popular VPN amongst cord-cutters, IPVanish, has announced a network upgrade that will improve VPN speed by 2.5 times. With this improvement in their server infrastructure, IPVanish VPN users can expect faster speeds than before. Buffering and speed are common concerns among VPN users, and it appears IPVanish has enhanced their speeds to kick…


Is there a link to update IPVanish on the Furestick?

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If I remember correctly just go to search and start typing in IPVanish and then in the list click IPVanish and if there is an update it will ask if you want to update, if not then I think it just opens your IPV control panel.
One small request, when talking about Firestick and asking questions could you please tell us exactly which model of Firestick you have as it makes a big difference when giving you instructions.
I have a Firestick 4k Max.


Is this upgrade something new or ? I have wireguard set up and like I told Troy in another post, I am at 25m all the time, no change in tweaks. So is this an upgrade that will improve my streaming or? I know I won’t be getting 50m with this. That’s not how it works or …

If you look at the TP-Brett post the date it was released is on the top right.

I can’t find any updates anywere . Their’s nothing on my app and couldn’t find any on their site . The article look like it’s from 2021 .

Jan '21 to be exact.

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I have a firestick 4k

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