IPVanish and Proxy & IP Settings

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I searched the posts for something about this but didn’t find anything:

Every time I start up IPVanish it disconnects the Ethernet. To reconnect, I have to go into Proxy settings and select and save “None” and then go to IP Settings and select and save “DHCP” because IPVanish changes that setting to “Static” every single time.

Does this happen to anyone else and do you have a solution? I have an Android TV box (SkyStreamPro).

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The best solution in my opinion is to go into the app and do a live chat with their tech team. I’ve heard they are very helpful.

I have a Skystream Pro and had the exact same problem. Troy solved it for me. The Skystream uses Android 9.6 pie. When IP Vanish connects, the Android OS automatically disconnects the ethernet connection and goes to the WiFi. This is a glitch in the Android OS and could be fixed if the designers would put out a patch fix. This hasn’t happened. I wait until IP Vanish connects 100%, then I unplug the ethernet cable at the router and reconnect it quickly. It re-establishes the ethernet connection and the IP Vanish reconnects to the server. I do not change any other settings within IP Vanish. It is kind of a pain, but it works, and I have gotten used to doing as a matter of booting up the Skystream. Try this and see if it works for you. Other than this glitch and the cheap remote, I like the Skystream. It has performed very well since I have had it.

Hey Dmin9, that is a very helpful response and thank you very much. I hope you get some kind of badge for being helpful.

You must be a musician too. That is two great things about you.

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Hey Miki,

Thanks for the helpful tip. Seems like Dmin9 (another TP Insider) has learned the whole reason and solution to this problem until Android patches the issue.

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I’d be interested to know what solution as noone else has reported anything similiar. If you have a solution that works please post it. Ahh I just read the above. So this is a router issue not a vpn or firestick issue. Tx for the info.

Actually, it is not a router issue, it is an issue with the Android Pie (9.0) operating system that the Sky Stream Pro uses. Unplugging and re-plugging the ethernet cord from the router was just the easiest way to accomplish the task to overcome the problem. Thanks to Troy for that! And yes PeteMac, I am a musician of many years. Playing guitar and keyboards, composing, recording, and mixing. Purely for my own fun and satisfaction. Thanks for noticing!

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I understand. I guess what I was getting at is it isn’t anything to do specifically with IPV.

Cool. I’ve been playing over 40 years completely amateurish and for the last couple of years I’ve been focusing on classical guitar and music theory. Gives the hobby a whole new life.