Ipvanish 4 speed greatly reduced

Firestick 4k gen3. Beta 4 was fine, but new release installed yesterday per troypoint link, slashed the speeds to less than half. I tried vatios protocols, ports ect. I was well over 100 before the build update. Now best I can get is 46 and the connection drops frequently. Since there is no kill or auto reconnect ability I become vulnerable. Please help with suggestions.

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VPN’s always slash the speed of the connection due to encryption. Just yesterdfay checking my connection I was at about 900 down without vpn abd 250 down with vpn…this is normal

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That’s been true with IPV.
However, that’s seldom been the case when using Proton’s VPN… even the free version. I’m intending to cancel IPV. Too expensive.

Proton has limited controls, but does increase the speed. At least on my Max.

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I switched from IPV to Surf Shark and I like it way better . On FilmPluse I only got 17 Real Debrid links when watching a certain tv show with IPV . Now wth SS I am getting 130 links with the same show. My speeds or about 10 points higher also .



Reset your modem and router and reconnect.

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