IPVanish on Win11 PC does not seem to have a setting for split tunneling

Since Amazon blocks IPVanish connections, I’d like to set up a split tunnel for it. Unfortunately, the latest version of IPVanish,, for my PC doesn’t seem to have any way to set it up. I’m sure they didn’t just eliminate it, but I can’t find the setting to enable it. Any suggestions?

Amazon does not block ipvanish, Amazon apps and paid apps need to be bypassed thru ipvanish to resolve issues.

Settings should be there. Go thru everything.

Split tunneling should be at the main menu.

I have IPVanish also and cannot connect to Amazon’s website on my PC. I have to turn it off…then it works. Same thing happens on a few other sites. I have to turn the VPN off.

I am using Linux Mint as my operating system and IPVanish has a crude looking interface for Linux.

I’ll check out my windows OS with IPVanish and see if there is a workaround. IPVanish on windows has a more sophisticated program for Windows.

Ok. I just tried Windows IPVanish and same problem…not connection to Amazon unless you turn IPVanish off. IPV’s program settings in windows has no tunneling option.

Best I can tell you will have to turn IPV off when trying to access Amazon.

Doesn’t win 11 have it’s own built in VPN? I thought I saw some articles on how to split tunnel the native VPN. May be an option to look into.

Could be. I should have mentioned I am using Windows 10.

Sorry but the title said for win 11.

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The split-tunneling setting is there for my android box, but not on the latest version for windows. I believe it was on previous versions.

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