IPTV update ***Big List

I have posted this list before and its rather large, has lots of good stuff and lots you could do without. But the good out weighs the bad. The guy that maintains this list has been ill and away for awhile but it looks like hes back with help also. This list has a built in epg to help out but nothings perfect and if you load it you might want to go for a walk and take the dog :sweat_smile:…seriously its large and you might think its broke if you sit and stare at the tv. :face_with_monocle:

It contains pluto, distrotv,galaxy,imdb,kloudtv,redbox,free2view,stirr,tubi, ustvgo and this list goes on and on. It had radio, webcams, twitch, classic tv and vod’s.

put it in exactly as shown>>> https://github.com/bitsbb01/m3u8_creator/raw/main/Compiled-all-UpdatedStreams.m3u8 and take a nap. 1st thing I did was go into the groups and uncheck everything that I did not want to see. There are 29,145 vod’s and 73,432 channels.


None of the live channels in ustvgo are working but most of the rest are . Thanks !

I would guess last night about 60% of the channels were working. You have to remember that this is a scrapper ran by bots that scrape every 2 hours and refresh with what they find, They only look for and modify what they find. If a channel is down they dont just delete it they skip over it. This is a collection of most all the free channels freely availiable combined together.


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