IPTV Smarters Pro problem

I installed the IPTV Smarters Pro Application but it does not show up in my apps.
Tried to install again and it says App not installed. The package conflicts with an existing package by the same name

First of all…Welcome! If you have a TV service downloaded with its own app, Smarters won’t load because that’s the player most likely being used by that service. Did you check in settings…Apps to see if it was actually downloaded?

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Thank you. It is not in my settings apps. I do have another streaming service I use.


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Make sure you allow from unknown sources is on amd disable play protect and try again.

Use the rai.

Hey @mike259 good suggestions by Dracoo & 429…not sure where you downloaded from but maybe try another location…if same thing happens then you can eliminate any faulty download issues…may not be the answer but can’t hurt to try. GL2U

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