IPTV Smarters Pro 3.1.5 will not download

I’m always on the look out for new sources to view various channels and I thought I would try downloading IPTV Smarters Pro but it came back, when I tried to install it, with the message “App not installed - The package conflicts with an existing package by the same name”.
I checked my list of installed Apps but it does not appear anywhere within my listed Apps.
Is this because I already subscribe to a provider whose layout is similar to that shown in the installation instructions and this provider states that they use the IPTV Smarters Player and does this mean that I will not be able to access the mentioned M3U address to view their offering?
Any type of clarification would be most gratefully received - Thanks

I would run a cleaner app to try and weed out any orphaned files and then try re-install. If that doesnt work you can poke around in file manager and *delete with caution any associated files.


Do what was mentioned above but i will only add that make sure you have android 7.1 or higher

Hey Gal…

& where are u dwnloadng from?

If its RAI, make sure u updated RAI… it just updated & shld be vers 5.1.0

I also see it in a store in Unlinked
(Tivimate is bettr if u don’t already kno)


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Hi Sketch - yes it was from RAI but I hadnt noticed what verion - will go there and give it another go - thanks

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Tried everything to download Smarters Pro and will not do it, this all started when Shield update to Android 11

Just did a complete install from the #710 store in Unlinked… using a stik OS7 so that 1’s good


Hi TP-Dracoo
I’m using an older Firestick 4K and I had updated the OS just prior to Troy’s note on Amazon bringing out a new version to stop advert hiding apps so I’m on the latest version of 6.and will now get apps but still does not sort my smarters prob tho. I think that because I’m using a IPTV provider uses it as part of their operation I cannot load it in it’s own right unless I try to change their default player to VLC or similar instead of smarters.

Hey @Galvanicus Tivimate is a great player :cowboy_hat_face:

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Nail on the head! If you’re using an existing service with their own app, Smarters will not install. I learned that last year

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Many thanks for confirming my line of thought - this streaming subject is still pretty new to me but I try to apply logic to a problem and sometimes it works - I’ve still not tried to amend the default player to see if i can circumnavigate to Smarters as an app in its own right - can but try.

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