IPTV Smarters on ROKU Not Connecting

Followed the directions for sideloading the app on my Roku device. However using my login creds and the correct server URL, Smarters just keeps saying to check my server URL.

The PC version of Smarters using the same creds and URL works just fine.


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I’m pretty sure this is because roku is a closed box and don’t allow for that to work on their stuff.

Thanks Dracoo…

So the information here isn’t valid? How To Install IPTV on Roku Devices with this Simple Trick in 2022


That guide should work, what I ment was if it works on your computer and not the box that could be why,

Or your provider is limited to one device. I’m a little unfamiliar with roku. You can side load into roku but I’m not sure how far there closed system goes.

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Ok thanks…

It’s not a provider issue. It’s looking more and more like Roku isn’t letting the app work.

IPTV on Roku isn’t possible, despite the guide it seems.

Thanks again for the reply sir!


Maybe put in 1 of those freebie url’s… c if it worx

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