IPTV Smarters, no programming

I took a look at this and installed it on an older firestick I use on an older TV.
I ran it through Surfshark, first in Canada. It downloaded ok but there was no programs available or epg. I uninstalled it and reinstalled using a US address, same thing, no programs or epg.
I use a similar version of this for which I pay a subscription, and it runs ok and has epg and full channel list.
Did I do something wrong or is there a problem? Troy’s video seemed to work fine. Any ideas?

Smarters is just an IPTV player. You need a service with credentials to use this app properly.


Troy didn’t mention that part. I thought as much as I currently have it from a different supplier. Was hoping for a free app, guess not eh.

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If you have the credentials from a different supplier, you can likely put those into Smarters. If you don’t have a service, I would start here:

5+ Best IPTV Services in February 2023 (Firestick/Android) (troypoint.com)


Ok thanks, I don’t have access to credentials as I get it through a re-seller.
I would like to find another more reliable IPTV provider, less buffering and up to date epg.
I may as well stick with what I’ve got.

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There are plenty of good services out there that are dependable with a complete EPG. We can’t talk about them by name here, but if you need help aside from naming the services, many people here would be happy to try and help you get setup.


Thank you. I’ll stick with what I’ve got for now.
End of topic.