Iptv smarters and sapphire

are these 2 programs from the same co. i don’t use sapphire but they have bee taking 5.00 from me every month ,did not realize it till today. I have been paying smarters when they send
me an invoice that one i have on my fie stick ,the other one doesn’t, what i dont get is i checked my papers and they both have the same login information for both accounts , can any on explain this to me i am lost and not sure what to do about it.any help would be great to try and sort this out

Hello @barry728 No, these are two separate items. IPTV smarters is simply an IPTV player that you can install through TROYPOINT app for free. Sapphire Secure is an IPTV service. You don’t need to pay anything to IPTV Smarters. If you do want a better IPTV player, I would strongly suggest TiviMate. It is the only player that I use and it is fabulous. TiviMate IPTV Player on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android


Definitely agree with Troypoint, Tivimate is superior to Smarters by a long shot


I hate to disagree with Troy but the few customers Sapphire kept after being hacked were advised to update apps as the Sapphire app was no longer being supported by it’s developers and were no longer part of Sapphire. If you install IPTV Smarters with Sapphire still installed it carries over all your settings and those ungodly epg an m3U urls. Then delete Sapphire. The only thing I had to do in Smarters was create my account and log in. Frankly it looks just like the Sapphire app only a bit more colorful. I love Sapphire and for $4 a month for 2 connections I’m thrilled. If you download Smarters from anywhere except the link Sapphire emails you you will have to enter all those urls on your own and redo all of your custom settings. The link provided for Sapphire users to get their populated Smarters is… https://bit.ly/3y7JFy6