IPTV Smarters and external drives

I recently was upgraded by Sapphire to IPTV Smarters. I’d like to use it to record but when I try and change the record location it will not see the external USB flash drive. I’ve tried making folders on the drive to give me something to look for but I just keep getting I’m on a folder using 5.3 bg of a total of 15. Thats my cube not the flash drive. Any suggestions?



I would frist look into the guides on here about external storages.

Big guide.

This one has alot of info including troypoints guide. I suggest going through that.

I’d also suggest tivimate for recording there is tons of info on this matter.

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Thanks. I’ve tried all that and learned some other great stuff but nothing to fix my problem. Asking for help from someone who’s already had it and fixed it and will share that information is my last hope. Otherwise it’s back to streaming. I watch mainly sports and I work 80 hours a week I need to be able to record. If I can’t then the big services win,

I use NEXTPVR on laptop to record IPTV.

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