IPTV Smarters and DVR functionality

I am trying to figure out how to or what to use in order to get and have DVR functionality within IPTV smarters… Anybody have answers to this? Thanks in advance…


Yea, read our guides we have on recording first. Also troy has a whole home dvr setup on his website.

troypoint.com Look for dvr

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Troypoint’s guide doesn’t address your question because it’s setting up a DVR system via Tivimate’s premium service…which is really worth the little bit of money IMO.

I have IPTVSmarters on a couple of my devices because of the NCAA tourney because Smarters does muli-screen pretty well. I’ll try recording something & post here about my success or failure.


I just recorded a 15 minute sample, so I can’t vouch for really how reliable it is…
Also, I couldn’t find how to record a future program; so AFA I know you can only record a program that is currently streaming.

Here’s what I did:
On the IPTVSmartes’ home page, to the right of the Master search, you’ll see an icon that looks like a camera and says “rec”.
Select the REC. Here is where you select a Directory (if you’re a Windows apologist, “directory” means “file”.) I chose ‘path:/storage/emulated/0/Download’ in internal storage.

Now I ran the trial with a MeCool with 32 GB (edit) ROM with 32 GB of adopted storage. I’m pretty confident that an ONN or Dynalink cheapie with adopted storage would work well too.

I doubt that it would work with a FS 4K, it might with a 4K MAX.

To be honest, if DVR capabilities are important to you, I’d go ahead & subscribe to Tivimate’s paid service.


The player I use to record iptv and future record is “iptv extreme”. simple to record. I really like it because it also has chromecasting capabilities. I don’t think you can future record with smarters, at least, I was never able to.


I have never tried that player…I may check it out.


Where can I buy this mecool? :face_with_monocle: :scream:

I bought it directly from MeCool.
I got the KM1 model for about $62 shipped. I had to wait awhile for it because it shipped from China & I ordered it during the month of the Chinese NewYear.

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I think what Ron was referring to was the 32 GB of RAM.
I have a Mecool KM2 in it’s box. 2GB RAM. lol.


Thanks Miki…fixed it in my post.:grin:
I hadn’t even opened my first :beer:, yet either…


Lol. All good elginherd. Comic relief is a good thing. Have fun amigo.


thanks everyone for the insight… I will look into each answer for the best solution… appreciate all of you and your time…

Mine does not show a camera next to search… hmmm… what version of smarters you running? I am using a windows PC… Now when I look on my android phone it is there… from apple tablet it again is missing… not sure why such changes between platforms…

I’m not at home, but the camera icon is there on my stock Android and Android TV OS boxes

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