IPTV smarter app down

Was watching the nfl and my IPTV service stopped working. Did some troubleshooting, logged out & tried to log back on. Error message: server down. Great! On nfl sunday

The IPTV smarter app doesn’t seem to be working


Iptv smarters is working, it’s just a player. You need to contact your service support for further issues as this probably isn’t something we can fix.

Check to make sure your subscription time isn’t up.

Please don’t mention them here, try to contact your service guy.

I just wanted to see if anybody had the same issues. I sent my provider an email.


I understand, the player its self is working, so thats why i suggested your service. But i will leave this open for now incase there is an issue with the actual player. But server down msg comes in after you login?

As soon as I emailed you my reply my service came back up. So my problem has been solved. I guess I panicked because it was nfl Sunday

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Not a problem, i will mark it. Glad you are fixed up! :slight_smile: