IPTV Simple Client TV channels eating up data on Firestick

After watching an hour or so of some channels through the IPTV Simple Client, it seems to be eating up all my Firestick memory and ultimately renders the whole thing useless with only a few MB left of memory. What causes this and is there a way around this without having to clear my data and ultimately lose my Kodi build?

Have you tried a Kodi wizard/cleaner like Open Wizard. Helps clean cache as well as having presets for low RAM devices like Firestick.

I have not. What’s the best way to enable this function?

get an android box like the 20US Onn box from wally world and no more storage probs

I was going to get one of these as Troy gives it an excellent review but unfortunately this uses Google tv which is not what I am after.

Increase your storage.

What would be your recommendation on how to do this?

Using IPTV in KODI will do this and also slow your whole Kodi setup down