IPTV Services that include Captions

Are there any IPTV Services that include captions? I’m hard of hearing and the only thing I miss about Cable TV is the captions. I’m also friends with a few completely deaf people who would love to be able to use IPTV. Unfortunately, they are stuck with Cable TV because of this one limitation.

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Tivimate has a CC feature. I just tested it on a movie I am watching on RetroPlex West. The program shows no indication that CC is available or not, but when I activated the CC feature on Tivimate the CC panel populated. Keep in mind, closed caption may not always be present despite the available option. Also, I think the VLC Player has something similar?

IDK if there is a source to be able to download CC for any channel?

Update: I just randomly checked about 20 channels on 3 different IPTV services and CC was able to present on everyone of them. I checked major US networks, movies, TVshows, and locals and they all displayed the CC when I activated it.

Btw, Tivimate even has settings for CC in which you can tweak it to your liking!

The IPTV service I tested most channels were on DozenzXII.net, but I am certain they all would be able to do the same thing via Tivimate.

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I 2nd Tivimate, you can enable it for individual shows or for all channels where available.


VLC has great CC options including downloading them


Yeah, I accidentally downloaded a CC once using VLC. Didn’t even know I did it. I was just exploring stuff in settings and must have did it then. LOL

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