Iptv recording support

Currently, I’m using Hypersonic via Tivimate, and I find that my recordings are skipping 5-10 minutes at a time. I heard someone say that if the IPTV provider doesn’t support recording, the recordings will have issues.

Can anyone recommend an IPTV service that supports recording?

Hello @Bazz you need to make sure that you have enough connections for recording. If you are going to watch TV as same time of recording you need 2 connections.

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I recommend using “MX Player Pro” as your viewing and recording app.

I just tested a few channels from various iptv feeds utilizing the instant record feature in Tivimate and they all recorded without issue using the Tivimate built in player. I tested about 4 feeds from 4 services (3pd and one freebie) and the record time was 5 minutes each.

Also note, if the feed has any buffering or other issues. This could manifest itself in the quality of the recording.

Btw, a lot of the services do not offer support or advice for recording content.

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No problems recording with Everythingstreaming.ca
Just remember that when recording you need more than one connection (with any service)

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Thanks for the replies. I have two connections with Hypersonic, using Tivimate premium for recording, mainly for early morning sports, when I only use one connection.

I’ve had lots of issues with playing back the recordings, where it jumps, runs fast, stops or doesn’t finish. I have a speed of over 100mpbs, So I don’t understand where the problem is being caused, so I’m unable to find a solution.

I switched to use NextPVR to record. Tivimate can’t handle any buffering and stops.

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I also have a problem with recording on Tivimate. Until a month ago all was fine no problem recording programs. Now it will record but wont play back saying error in recording format. I contacted my provider at least 3 times about this issue but they will not reply and my ticket has disappeared. Powerfader you have tried some paid providers which work with Tivimate, any chance you could tell me which as I dont want to waste more money on another which will cause me the same problem.

I don’t do recordings, but I did test it out using DozenzXII.net and everything was fine. I even tried it on a couple of free url playlists and both of them worked fine. Now I did not record an entire 2-3 hour movie. I tested it out on some 30 minute TV shows.

keep in mind, if there is ANY kind of disruption in the feed. Then most likely your recording will stop or be corrupted in some manner.

Between VOD Movies, TV Shows, and Catch-up, I really don’t have a need to record stuff. Not interested in recording sports. So unless there is another Moon landing I doubt I will use that feature all that much. lol



I would use the search function as there is multiple recording topics, take a read threw the.m

Also make a topic if you can’t find the info you seek.

There is plenty of guides on this.


Thanks guys. Reason for recording is that there are a few things during the day which I cant watch so I can then catch up in the evening.

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I have had three (3) IPTV services since MAR-2020. Recording shows on two of them is hit/miss due to buffering or channel’s availability. So, I stopped recording using those IPTV services. Apollo Group TV is the one that works 99% of the time.

I use the free nextpvr program on laptop now. Handles buffering much better. Watch on TV with plex.

Pretty much, all of them shy away from that discussion. Although, TP has an excellent tutorial about this very topic. It is worth your time to view it!


Thanks to one of Powerfaders posts I tried a free provider and Tivimate recorded and played back perfectly.
My paid provider will record but wont play back anthing saying error etc;
Looks like its the providers that cause the problem not Tivimate or VPN Vanish, both which I have been using for the last 2 years.

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You can record with any iptv provider with tivimate.

Make sure you check with iptv providers in the shop or mega thread.

Make sure to watch all associated guides for recording as there is a ton of info.

Make sure to check out troypoints videos on iptv dvr setup.

Make sure to check out all the firestick/andriod guides on storage plus recording.

Use the search function going forward as recording is covered on every aspect.

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