IPTV Only Connects To Certain Surfshark Locations

I was curious why my IPTV, which is a very popular one on Troypoint Insider. Only lets me connect to a few USA server locations. Of course they are not very close to me. There are a few I can connect to in Europe but they are extremely slow. Talked to the IPTV provider, they said it started happening when there was Data Center problems in Europe several months ago. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Surfshark customer support was no real help. Soon as you mentioned IPTV they say they do not support it.

Keep trying different locations and protocols. You might try free Proton vpn.

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If you use a router try changing dns servers otherwise just try different server locations as noted.

Is your IPTV provider IP locked? Most aren’t but the question must be asked. What you want to connect to are servers the closest to your physical location. Some IPTV providers will block IP ranges if they suspect security issues so I’ve found the best strategy is to favourite 2 of the closet servers in your Country and 2 in the closest Country location. That provides a range of servers that at least in theory, offers the fastest connections and choice when you run into connectivity issues. Also, do test the other protocols, but I have found WireGuard to be head and shoulders ahead of the other protocols but you experience could differ.

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Hey guys im from canada and my iptv said to try these countrys surfshark what i have, Netherland . iceland .ireland indonesia, switzerland

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Get a free trial for another VPN provider and see if it makes any overall difference.

One of the best and safest free VPNs is Proton. There are limited servers but worth the test IMHO.