IPTV on Cellular Tablet

Anyone using IPTV on an android table with Cellular Data?

I drive limousines and can sit in the car for hours waiting at a wedding.

I picked up a Galaxy Tab S7 5g tablet. I am on T-Mobile unlimited. It shows me a download speed of 90.6mbps on cellular data (wifi shut off), yet when watching iptv, it constantly buffers every five seconds. Watching the same service at home and on wifi, no buffering at all. Yet my speeds at home on wifi are slower than the cellular speeds I get on this tablet

Any idea what may be going on?

Is there any iptv player that is better for tablets?

Thanks for any advice

If you have unlimited data try setting up a wifi hotspot on the phone and try connecting that way. Even tho many of these carriers say unlimited they will still throttle. Also use a vpn . With the speed you get a vpn wont slow you down enough to matter.


Sup K…

I use Tivimate (with pd servces) on my note9 (phone) in my truck evrywhere i go… i found if i turn off wifi (so it duznt srch) & go strictly data, i hv zero buff except near an airport



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