IPTV no longer working with VPN

Hi all,

First time poster and looking for a bit of advice from people who know more about this than me please.

I’ve tried searching and I see a lot of people saying they are having issues with NordVPN and intermittent streaming issues.

I initially thought I was falling victim to this too and was ready to try surfshark however I’ve spoken to my iptv provider and they came back to ask me my ISP details.

They are telling me now that they have locked ISP’s and VPN’s no longer are allowed as they will not work.
I’m not sure if they have got this mixed up with locking IP’s, as I’ve never read anything about ISP’s being locked. Is this a thing?
(I’m not entirely convinced I’m talking with the actual iptv guy and prob just a reseller)

Currently if I run a VPN my service no longer works. The advice of my service is to turn VPN’s off but I don’t like the thought of this.

I questioned if they have done this to prevent people sharing accounts (ie locking IP’s) however they said it’s nothing to do with sharing but for added protection on their side.

Is it just time to get a new service?

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First of all, Welcome to this great community @Mils24 :slightly_smiling_face:

100% time to find a new service. I have 4 different xtreme codes and they all work with vpn. It sucks but it’s the nature of this business. :confused:


Hi @PapaS Thank you for the speedy reply and the warm welcome!

You have confirmed my suspicions and I’ll look elsewhere now.

Now without breaking any forum rules can you point me in the best location to start looking for a new provider for U.K.? It’s been quite a few years since I’ve had to find one


Yep, run as fast as you can from this provider. Plenty of good ones out there that work with a VPN.


I am a founding member, but I normally just read the info, but I need help I think. I used Ip Vanish for a few years but heard so much good info about Surfshark that I switched.

I am having trouble streaming also. My IPTV provider said switch my connection to Switzerland. It worked briefly but is still very sketchy. If I disconnect Surfshark, it works perfectly. I must have a setting wrong?? Could this be my streaming box? I have a Mecool, top of the line from when they launched and I have had to constantly restart it.

Have you or do clear cache on the box and any other clean up? A box over time will slow down with junk and bloat and often a refresh is needed. Personally I routinely factory reset my devices. As for the vpn, yes changing servers/dns can help and often closest doesnt mean best.

SS told me to change my DNS protocol numbers. I would contact surfshark tech and ask them for some new DNS protocol number. It helped me out a lot.

Never mind I got confused! LOL

Hey @centurion2041 Seriously doubt your problem is a box setting…I also have an iptv service, a Mecool & Surfshark vpn. Don’t mean to badmouth em’ but, SS worked great for past couple of years, yet as of late has been giving me fits (evidently, same as you). Only thing I’ve found that works fairly well is manually setting my protocol to Wireguard & then just going thru all the USA servers & checking each one on a couple of iptv channels…& saving whichever cities work, then using/swapping out as needed. The half dozen favorites that used to work well have gone south on me. Its been quite frustrating & when my sub runs out with SS, if they don’t improve, I’m switching to a more stable vpn. Also…the free Proton VPN app generally works well when the SS servers don’t. GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

FYI…have been having best luck on Orlando servers lately…so I stay there till they start going wonky.

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