IPTV Locked to 1 IP Addresss

HNY TP team-

I have recently signed up for an IPTV service that has locked to 1 IP address at a time despite my subscription being for 1 connection / 2 devices. I am running my TV’s on Nvidia Shield’s so all have individual IP addresses despite coming from 1 location.

My question is has anyone run into this issue and is so is there a workaround or solution the TP team can point me to? Or is this 1 month of service that I need yo term as a “lesson learned”?

Thanks in advance and happy streaming

I believe IPTV services that do this are limiting you to 1 location but you can use up to the number of devices at the same time that you subscribed for at that one location.



That’s correct.


Typically all your devices in your house will use your ip… same in the household. So if you pay for 1-5 you will be able to use that many in the same house. But if you switch is or Change locations that’s when you will run into issues and have to contact your provider

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sim_bill, Happy New Year, I thought the exact same thing however having all TV’s running on individual Nvidia Shield’s coupled with runnning a VPN on each device my assumption is it’s telling my provider I am streaming from 2 different IP addresses.

The service is one I “walked” away from a few years ago for minor buffering but compared to some of the other services today they were a dream. Received an email they were taking new customers again and signed up. Appears it may be more problems then they are worth as a “good backup”

Thanks sim_bill for the feedback…

Agree with all the above…
cnnctions are meant for multi TV’s/devices (1 local) & recording & multi -screen

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Thanks to all, reached out to my provider for a solution. Will either get the issue resolved or purchased 1 month of fixed IP address IPTV supplier - lesson learned.

Happy New Year to all and thank you for your help!!!