IPTV keeps buffering

I use a VPN to access my IPTV. How can i stop the constant buffering?

How to Stop IPTV Buffering on Firestick/Android and More (No Freezing) (troypoint.com)


you may have to turn off vpn.try it with and without vpn if it works without vpn on then turn off.

If you,re going to follow linnies advice and I personally wouldn’t in a million years, then do not stream any copyrighted material. I have ProtonVPN and it’s on 24/7.


what is your speed with the vpn running? and second that about running without the vpn. just asking for trouble not using it.

if speed are good try a different Ip address using vpn. I have found that corrects a lot of my buffering issues, regardless of download speed.

I interpreted linnie’s post as troubleshooting to see if the VPN is causing the issue and then shut off the box quickly. At least I hope that’s what it meant lol.

if it works without vpn on then turn off.

That’s his/her words. imho bad advice as I take that to mean if it works without a VPN then leave the VPN off.

If that is what was meant, you are right that wouldnt be good advice lol.

been streaming for years the only time I use vpn is movie apps I never use for iptv. never had a problem with anyone or anything.

That is your prerogative, but not something we recommend in here. With the need for privacy and security at an all time high in this world, Miki is right on the money. If the OP’s vpn is causing this, something is wrong or they are not doing something correctly.

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not giving advice just saying what I do.

Lol. Ok. Saying what you do, others will consider as advice. All I’m saying, for those reading your post, is that this is not a good idea on so many levels, but it’s a free world.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

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To get rid of most buffering, you’ll need to change the weakest link in your streaming chain to solve your problem, 1) upgrade your internet service, connection and speed, 2) upgrade your vpn, 3) upgrade your streaming device, or 4) upgrade your iptv service. To stream in HD, you need to get an absolute minimum of 35-50 mbs download and 15-20 mbs upload internet speeds while using your vpn. Check this using the Analiti app. If your device has only 2 gbs of RAM and 8 gbs of internal memory, you need to upgrade to a device with 3 or 4 gbs RAM and 32 Gbs internal memory. If you can do it, use a LAN hard wired connection to your device rather than wi-fi. It is better to spend a few more dollars to get good hardware and good quality services. It will save you a lot of headaches later.


If you can get at least 30mbps down while using a vpn. Then I don’t understand why you wouldn’t always use a vpn. Basically, any down speed over 30mbps is wasted. So, I look at it this way, better safe than sorry. Especially if using one doesn’t affect the quality of your streaming.

My VPNs are on 24/7 whether I am streaming Stremio or steaming IPTV. My vpns are set to auto boot on device start up and have an indictor dot in the righthand corner to let me know it is indeed up and running.

Btw, sometimes wifi can get more speed than ethernet (not common but does happen). However even if the wifi speeds are better. An ethernet connection more stable.

Use a VPN

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