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Alright guys, sorry for the long post.

I finally have some free time to work on version 2.0 of my Kodi build. Since most people want IPTV, I am trying to add it. But I want something stable and I want a guide. Everything I’ve built so far uses the crew addon. However, and correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t see a way to add a guide to the IPTV section of the crew. I know you can download a separate EPG addon in Kodi and manually link each individual channel to streams within the crew, but I’m really not interested in spending that much time on this project.

I did read somewhere that Mad Titan Sports has a function that automatically configures Simple IPTV PVR client to have a guide. But at the moment it looks like Mad Titan is missing from the magnetic repo and may have been taken down?

I also looked at LiveTV Net, but it appears the LooNatics Asylum repo has been taken down as well.

I could just use Pluto TV or similar… but I was really hoping to have all the desired US channels that you cannot find on most of the verified free IPTV services. This is exactly why I use a paid IPTV provider and Tivimate myself.

So, I’m looking for suggestions. Does anyone know if Mad Titan is still an option? Anyone know an easy way to get a guide working for the crew? Any other good alternatives?


@KingPro any thoughts on this?


That would be pretty cool to incorporate into kodi. Glad you are working on the addon again. Looking foward to it.


The IPTV within the Magnetic Repo is there, although named Mad Titan Sports. You also need to download the JetProxy addon in that folder (thats what ‘hosts’ the channels and EPG)
Once you run Mad Titan, there is a prompt there within ‘tools’ to set-up the IPTV service. It will automatically make use of the Kodi ‘Simple Client PVR’ so make sure you have that installed.
There is no option in Kodi to add IPTV to the TV category without an addition ‘client’ server app to host it (like Titan do with the JetProxy).


Private MSG sent, good luck :+1:

Sorry im having a hard time figuring out how to post a topic. Anyone know a good iptv service that i can get a 1 year sub to? Having trouble finding one.

Go to the main site. troypoint.com and then the IPTV section.

User aren’t permitted to name or suggest IPTV providers here on the Insider. As @Miki suggests, try the main Troypoint site. Or google, there’s plenty IPTV forums that have plenty of recommendations and suggestions.

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Thanks man. Once I switched back to 19.4 instead of a Nexus fork I was able to download Mad Titan, just FYI for anyone else that tries to do the same. I’m still having issues with getting the guide to load but I’m going to start over with a fresh install and see if that solves the problem.

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