Iptv epg's not working

Hi, all probably seems a bit overkill but i have 3 iptv services going at the moment ( really good deals ) however i seem to be having trouble with some epg’s some with Tivimate and some with IPTV Smartes, i have tried the all in one m3url and the seperate ones also the xstream codes, but still having trouble with one or the other. I have read that some people have entered upto 40 codes, but i dont have the time or the inclination to do all that. Can anyone tell me of any quick fix as i am sick of seeing " no information available. Thanks as allways. Jimmy.

If they are paid services I would hope the IPTV EPG’s are at least decent? I have 1 paid service and the EPG is really good but am adding more playlists and more EPG’'s and assigning all my EPG’s to every playlist I add. I learned from @Miki and @Powerfader they are on top of the IPTVStuff!

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Try this epg. I use it and it seems to have a lot of channels, even some locals.

Also, make sure you assign all your egg urls to every playlist you have! What one is missing, another may have.

Btw, it is a whole lot easier, faster, and accurate to copy and paste these urls rather than typing them!



If the epg is maintained by your paid iptv then try contacting them, they will have to adress it.


Hey @Powerfader I have a couple of no info spots & want to see if your epg might fill any of them…do you know if this url works if I turn it into a tinyurl? thnx…

Nope, but you can try.

If you only have a couple of blank spots. Shoot me the stations call sign/letters and I will search my epgs for it.

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Thnx…but that’s ok…the occasional ones that don’t show an epg are duplicate channels (ie low bandwidth channel) & my service has been doing some maintenance work on its epg so it might be rectified soon enough. BTW…turned off my other epgs & just ran with a tinyurl I made of the one you posted & you were right…nada. :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks Powerfader i will try them. Obviously its the English and American ones im looking for, ( sorry to anyone who thinks im ignorant not learning another language). Just want to know whats on and what time its on. Again thanks everyone.

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