IPTV down on KODI with The Crew addon?

For the past day I’ve not been able to pull up any IPTV providers using The Crew addon 1.1.6b within KODI 19.4. Multiple platforms (Windows and multiple firesticks). When I click IPTV choice I get the rolling icon for a second, but that’s it - just stays on the list. Everything else seems to be working
with The Crew addon though. Anybody else experiencing this?


The crews iptv is freely maintained that comes and goes. You will encounter issues.

IPTV within The Crew has always been hit and miss. Disappointing for an App that’s regularly topping the most recommended Kodi add-on. Very frustrating as when it working, the links are numerous and the quality is mostly HD or UHD.

Mine is down on phone and firestick

The Crew is meant for Tv and Movies and isn’t the most ideal platform for IPTV. Tivimate and a paid service is a much better option.

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Isn’t meant for Tv and Movies

Although technically not an IPTV service, they do have a section that directs you to links for ‘Live’ TV channels. Considering that it’s a feature within the App, users should be able to assume that section be maintained a bit better than it is.

This is an ongoing thing, the crew iptv is free and it will always come and go. If you really want iptv look at the free m3us we have here and the mainsite or look into a iptv service