IPTV - Don't Use VPN?

I subscribe to an unverified IPTV service which I play on my tablet and various TVs. I mix the players depending how often I use the devices - some play with premium/paid Tivimate, others withthe native player provided by the IPTV service. When I use the native player on a Samsung Android tablet with a VPN (either Surfshark or Private Internet Access) turned on, the player now denies me access. Tivimate works fine on the tablet with the VPN running.

The native player can be linked to the VPN, but I don’t use that feature because the link locks me in to a fixed server location; I cannot switch to get less buffering etc.

The IPTV support desk just e-mailed me as follows:

*"You don’t need to use VPN so switch it off when using the app. In most times the VPN can slow down your connection making the stream unusable. *
XXX Support"

Why would it ever be safe to use an unlinked native player without a VPN?

The subject matter of using a VPN or not can get long and very controversial. Everybody’s opinionated on it some people for years don’t use a VPN and never get infringement notice. Some people will say you must use VPN at all times some people say you know you don’t need to so you won’t get a righteous answer it just get people’s experience.

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You don’t need to lock your car doors…until you do.


Sounds to me like the iptv provider is making excuses for weak or bad feeds. Why not use a VPN? Any download speeds over 25-30 mbps (VPN on) should be adequate.

And I don’t know what they do, but when I email customer service about a weak channel that I like to watch, it soon miraculously gets better.

I just keep mine on but got back and change locations sometimes

LOL. Yup. :man_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling:

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i’ve never used one for iptv in 5yrs and no prob…i use vpn when i download torrents only

I will never connect to the net without an active VPN. From copyrighted material to identity theft, there are way to many bad actors out there to risk it IMHO.


On a Formuler box, I had to turn vpn off as it was causing black screen issue - service would load but no sound or picture.
Without vpn, working as normal.
I than changed DNS server to Quad9 on the Formuler box

That’s always a loaded question regarding vpn necessity. Mileage always seem to vary from user to user.

I always use it - though unlike some struggles brought up here, I’ve never had any device, app, or speed (especially now) conflicts that would leverage me to turn it off.

Similar to @Powerfader and his analogy - you never need it until you realize you needed it.

Appreciate all the replies. Going forward will use only Tivimate with VPN activated, and ignore the advice of the IPTV support desk.

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