Iptv channels loading on tivimate and smarters but won't play?

Anyuone have any idea why Iptv channels will load on tivimate and smarters players but won’t play? Have uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same issue.

Thanks ibn advance for any help you can provide!

With or without vpn?
Do the channels and epg populate but just won’t play?
Will they play on and external player such as vlc or MX Pro?
Have you triple checked you login info?

Need more information - how did you enter your service details in those apps.
Any error codes?

I have tried no vpn and with vpn. They worked for a few minutes when I first use the vpn but then went away. I haven’t tried external player but will do that now!

You get the same issue with or without a vpn? They do indeed play but only for a short while and then buffer, freeze, won’t load? What error code is being displayed? Have you contacted your provider regarding this issue?

Yes, same issue either way! No, they don’t play at all now. Have not contacted provider. Changed sticks and it works fine. Ithe other stick is at another huse but after it didn’t work, I brought it home and reinstalled everything and it still didn’t work here either?