Iptv being shut down everywhere

Hi all
Do the knowledgeable people on these forums reckon that the government/ police are leaving APKS alone and concentrating on IPTV providers or is just because the media pick up on the iptv shutdowns more

Most Apps that we get streams for are simply internet scrapers and have a disclaimer regarding copyrighted material whereas non-verified IPTV services are restreaming legal feeds without paying for the rights. It’s all about the money. Apps have only a small number of followers compared to IPTV and it’s all about the money.


Yea, for sure agree 100% Miki. At this point, their main focus has to be shutting down these huge IPTV empires that stream content they don’t pay for. Those empires would likely lead to the mainframes that distribute that content all over the world. Still, when they get one shut down, another 6 appear in its place lol.


shut one down ten more open its a losing battle

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