iPad?using an iPad

Can I use an IPad for streaming?

Do a search and you’ll find a few threads with info on how to accomplish this, but yes it can be done.

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Thank you. I only found one from 2022. Not helpful. Can adding be used?

Not helpful? That’s an odd statement. If it could be done on an iPad a year, two or even more ago I’d think that would point you in the direction to do it on a new iPad. I found 29 threads and I’d say a half of those contain the information you need. Seems the preferred app is Smarters Pro, but as I don’t do anything apple or i I’m not going to wade through them all for you. I’m Droid 100%. It’s up to you from there to read and get a better idea about your device. Sorry but that isn’t something I can do for you. GL2U.

I use mine for streaming all the time

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Sorry I was too abrupt. I am trying to use my IPad with a particular add-on and that is what I meant. There was only 1 comment that referenced the particular add-on. I am trying to avoid the i***v options

No problem @karenphipps. Abrupt is fine but please remember we have no knowledge of your skill level and no idea of exactly what you’re doing or how. So unless you give us detailed information all we can do is throw mud on the wall and hope it sticks. For example you reference an addon, and that does us no good as there are literally hundreds of addons, and I suspect that isn’t what you mean. Now if you’re referring to IPTV, then that is a “Service” not an addon, and you can’t name unverified IPTV services here. However that being said you can PM someone and explain what it is you’re trying to do. Being cautious certainly is admirable in this hobby. With more details I could then recommend resources to assist you and improve your learning curve.

Side loading apps like you can on Android is nearly impossible unless it’s available in the Apple Store. Pretty much a closed ecosystem

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Is this where I can DM? Sorry i am somewhat inexperienced with this platform

Click on my avatar picture in the top right of the msg you sent, or anywhere you see it, and then a message option will show up. Click it and send me a PM.