IP Vanish won't uninstall

Well, this is weird…I decided to change from IP Vanish to Nordvpn. The problem is, it will not uninstall from my FS 4K Max. It says it is uninstalled, but then it’s still there. If I try to uninstall it again, it says IP Vanish, but the prompt that comes up says " are you sure you want to uninstall…a different app. Never seen anything like it. Can someone please advise?

Hi @bubbadoo
Have you installed X-Plore app?
If not, download and install it. Then open it and scroll down to internal storage, click it.
A list of apps should open (I believe that’s the place?)
See if it’s listed there. If it is, long click on your remote select button and scroll down the list that opens to delete and click it and click again to yes you want to delete.
You can find the app on Unlink app, use code 12341234

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I know you probably hear this a lot, but restart the FS and see if that clears this error state. In fact if you can unplug the power from the stick, unplug it from your TV, wait for a minute or so and plug it all back in and restart the stick.


I finally got it to give up the fight…it took about 10 times, trying to uninstall it in different ways. I don’t know if this 4k Max is frying already, or if the danged thing is haunted…I do know it was successful in tricking me into uninstalling 1 app it was hiding behind…now I have to figure out which.

Now the Mecool KM6 is being annoying, as well. I am connected to the internet; but Nordvpn is telling me I’m not. At least the IPVanish didn’t put up the fight it did on the 4k Max. Grrr…or maybe I should say BOO! :ghost:


Yeah, I do that anyway. I used to be a cable contractor. Made lots of money from service calls where a reset was all that was needed…then there was the lady who thought her microwave was the cable box. :grin:

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