IP Vanish version 4

When I try to download IP Vanish V4 to my Firestick using the Rapid App Installer in the Troypoint app it starts to download (“Download starting”) and I wait for ages but it never actually downloads! Any ideas as to why? I successfully uninstalled the previous version before trying to download the latest version.


Have you deleted the old APK? Depending on the original app you used for the APK there are several methods for removing the uneeded APKs. Cleanup in Defsquid has the option to remove them. In downloader go into “files” and delete them. In RAI go into the gear and file cleanup.

For my FS 4K max, I have to turn off my SS VPN when downloading from TP. If left ON, I see they same thing you are seeing. May not be the answer but worth considering.

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I want to point out again that the new V4 will update on your firestick from Amazon. It did on both of mine even though their site says it’s version It actually may be the new version and their information is dated.

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