IP Vanish pricing

Just got an email from IP Vanish saying that they are going to charge me $89.99 on 8/29/21 for the “privilege” of using their software. I’ve been with them since August, 2017. This past year has had a ton of special deals/discounts trying to get folks signed up. These IPV people must deal drugs on the side seeing as how they use the method of giving the first shot at a low price then gouging you once you are hooked!! I’ll probably wind up telling them Adios and walk away.

Anyone else here getting shafted like this??


Yes I have a lifetime sub when I sign up not a happy camper

This is standard procedure but if you talk to customer service you typically get a good deal, I’ve been with IPVanish for years and always get a good deal as a returning customer.


Here’s what I did. I called their customer service number and said that my renew rate was unacceptable and that I was a member of Troypoint, and asked for their current best offer for the year, and they didn’t balk at all and honored the request.


To tell you the truth, any provider who runs their company like they do does not deserve my business and that’s why I moved on from them. That and their service is marginal at best compared to NORD and Strong.

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Yes, I got the same message and as decided to ditch them when my renewal comes up. Their customer service is terrible as far as customer retaining. I see it’s time to move on ….


You might want to check out some of these other VPN’s…some great offers from SurfShark and Nord.

Hopefully Troy, will have a new offer for us…

Good Luck!



I paid $69 for 2 years. The price was supposed to be locked in for life. At one point, it showed that it was going to go up. I contacted support and they assured me it wouldn’t. I checked later and it was back to $69 at the next renewal. Contact them if your deal is changing.

Yes ip vanish did the same to me last year. Now with Nord.

As a follow up…I contacted their CS and they gave me the “best current price” of $44.99. I stayed with them for now…

Auto renewed for $89.99. Neighbor called customer service and got them to match Nord price for a year. Cancelled auto renewal. Not happy but typical of services that offer better prices to new customers than to existing ones.

IPVanish has special promotions all the time all you have to do is call customer service and they will walk you through it. If / when they have a lifetime special as they did a while ago ($5.00 month) call them and they will get you that rate when your current subscription ends.


@Shameful1 thank you for explaining this. Yes, you are correct, a simple call or just hit them up on 24/7 chat and you will get the proper discount. You just need to ask.

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