Ip vanish on router

Is it possible to install IP Vanish onto my router?


Yes, there is guides for this. Depends on your router.

I have a “hitron” that was provided by my cable company. How can I find a guide for it?
Thank you.



Hitron from cogeco? Those modems are really bad, the only thing good about them is how it handles bandwidth allocation.

Installing a vpn on that modem im not sure available. Also if its the one from cogeco its a Modem and a router in one. You would need to login into it with admin and see if its allowed.

Your router and device connected to it must be connected to the Internet to access the Internet.
Please enter your IP address and password.
The VPN service can be found under Advanced > Advanced Setup.
Choose Enable VPN Service and click Apply to turn it on.

Try that, I’m currently locked out of my modem, or id help look, im pretty sure cogeco blocked that out. Id get a router and do it that way, make all connections go to rhe router with the vpn on it, id recommend asus

Edit: hitron is a cable modem in canada, im unaware of their routers so i apologize a head of time. Which hitron router do you have?