Ip vanish makes no sense

My ipvanish blocks my subtitles on my streaming platforms like syncler and cinema. Also i noticed that the ip vanish icon is missing on my firestick home and even in my app library i literally have to go to my settings in manage application to launch it everytime now. It disconnects all the time even tho i have the setting on reconnect checked, it doesnt do it. Whats the use of having it of i cant use it to stream. Really annoying cuz i paid for a year

I would uninstall it completely then download it again from the playstore, log back in and reconfigure it. It shouldn’t act like that and when I used it it never blocked subtitles. So give an uninstall/reinstall a try. You can also use Troy’s RAI to reinstall.



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It doesn’t block subtitles. As mentioned above uninstall and use the new app. Ir updated version.

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I was having problems with my IP Vanish connecting and staying connected. I use an android TV box and not a Firestick. Not sure if that makes a difference. I contacted IP Vanish live chat help and they told me to uninstall it and re-install from their website and not from the play store. They didn’t say why not to use the play store to install the software, but once I re-installed the software from their website, I have had no problems at all. That was about six months ago.


I already did that, matter of fact thats what i did first, i uninstalled it and re installed, it was not blocking subtitles before i uninstalled it, i Uninstalled it because i could not find the icon for the app, after i reinstalled it thats when it started blocking my subtitles and i still cant find app icon. When i check for update it says its up to date

interseting on getting the app directly. I do know google has limits on some software capabilities. As for a vpn blocking sub titles ive never heard of that. In syncler you might go into settings>>> player and make sure its enabled. Another option is install another player and try that.

Sounds like you have the beta version installed.
Have had a few quarks too.
Uninstall the version you have.
Download Troypoints working version and try again.
Good Luck.