Ip vanish locations

Was wondering if anyone could tell me why anytime I use New York on IP vanish(my closest location) The true location of the city Where the server is ,is unknown, And the speeds are usually slower then if I used some where Like Montreal which is much further away. Any city I use,when I check on defsquid, The location is correct, But when I use New York it shows nothing on the map and actually said the time zone was Chicago which makes me wonder if Ipvanish is actually giving you the correct locations of their servers all the time. I also tested with analiti same results thank you for any input

I appreciate your frustration but unfortunately none of us know what IPV is doing, whether it’s server maintenance, updating, or god knows what. If it is an issue then contacting their customer service is your best bet. I’d love to help, as it’s what I do, but can’t.

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Thanks,no Frustration at all just curiosity. Troy and so many others go to great lengths To put up good tutorials about IP vanish and then they do crazy stuff like they are know, Which makes the tutorials look like they don’t know what they’re talking about when they are actually very helpful when IP vanish is working correctly. When I ran my speed test on one of the New York servers , It selected a place in Kansas as server, Which really got me wondering

For Analiti make sure you go into settings>applications>manage installed applications>Analiti>permissions>allow location and storage.

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Hello @Boligee all of these VPN services use an IP location lookup service from what I understand. If those are off from time to time, you will get inaccurate location results. I suggest turning on your VPN and then go to the following site which should be 100% correct - https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ I used to get that unknown status result from time to time as well but haven’t seen it in the past year.