Ip vanish installed, now what

New to this, but I just installed IpVanish on one of my firesticks. I have a couple of questions I did not find an answer for.

  1. If I install this VPN on my main computer, will it block a VOIP landline phone. If it does, the wife will be pissed!
  2. How do I know it is actively working on my firesticks.
  3. Do I need to install on each of my firestick, or if I do install on the main computer, will that cover the router and internet as well. May be a dumb question!!


This stuff is explained on the website. However, I will answer.

The vpn only works to the devices it’s installed on, if your wife is using voip on a computer don’t put the vpn on that device. I’m not sure if it will effect voip it might.

Secondly the vpn has to be installed on each device you plan to use it on, and when you install it and set it up you will see its working and on, the first thing you do when on your device is open up ipvanish so you know it’s connected.

The only way to have it on all devices is installed at the router but don’t do that.

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To monitor if it’s working on your firestick.

It’s also in Troy’s RAI.


Thanks. I’m starting to understand it now.

Thank you too. I’ll install VPN SafetyDot, sound like a good idea.
I am having one problem, ipvanish won’t let me sign in on the firestick with the user and pw I used to sign up with, No idea why, but have sent ipvanish an email. Password reset didn’t work either. Just a bit frustrating.


Go to Manage Installed Applications, scroll and select IPVanish. Click Force Stop, then Clear data and Clear cache. Restart your Fire TV Stick. Launch the IPVanish app and try connecting again.

Thanks, I’ll try that.
I’m wondering if I just misspelled something when I signed up, so now when I try to log on with correct spelling, it doesn’t work. Oh joy!

Ok, I called Ipvanish and found the problem. It requires my email address as the user name, not the user name I thought I had used. Thanks to all and sorry about the confusion. All good now… I think!

Hey this hobby is all about learning. You got it resolved, good on you. Welcome to this forum. Have fun and STREAM ON.

Thanks Miki. I’m a bit slow, but I get there in the end. Voip works too, wifey is happy!
Question; can I leave Ipvanish connected all the time, or is it best to disconnect when not in use or needed. I also installed the green dot thingy.

I would never connect to the internet on any of my devices without an active VPN ever.

wifey is happy!

You’re 99% there then :upside_down_face:

I assume you have VOIP phone service thru your InternetSeviceProvider & it’s connected thru the gateway tower they supplied you…? If so, everything you do with a VPN won’t be going thru or affecting that in any way…just where you set it up on your streaming devices & if you choose to use a VPN with your computer/phone.

Thanks. I use Ooma as my Voip provided. Been very happy with their service over the last 5+ years. It all seems to be working fine. Wife is happy!!

Ok thanks, so I just leave it on all the time. No problem.


So, I’m starting to understand how this all works, but there have been a couple of issues.
For Kodi, I have found The Oath to be pretty awesome. I get the TV Networks programming I like with almost zero problems (nothing is perfect!) I also can get movies in 1080p which I have never got before.
The problem is a couple of times, the internet connection dropped while using Ipvanish. That has not happened before. It also dropped connection while watching a subscribed program even though it was set on split tunneling. I had to reboot and resume. Wifey not too happy, it was one of “her shows”.
I don’t have the fastest internet, 40mgps unlimited, but has been sufficient in the past.
Is there anything I can do in settings to change or prevent this?

Is your 40Mbps download speed with or without IPVanish engaged?

Yeah sorry, it is without the VPN. It seems to work fine most of the time, but it suddenly dropped on 2 occasions.

Check your speed with VPN on & let us know what it is…do you normally watch with VPN on or off?

Actually I did check with and without the VPN on and at the time I checked, both were above the 40 mgbs. My internet is delivered via Cable TV cables from a large independent ISP.
When I’m watching via the Firestick, the VPN is on but split tunneled for subscribed programming.
Thanks for the help guys.

Guys, I think I may have jumped to a conclusion. It appears that as our internet is supplied via Cable Tv cables, THEY are having some issues and why it is dropping occasionally. My bad.