IP Vanish and Real Debrid

Does ipvanish automatically renew after my one year subscription is over?

Do I need to call them in advance of the one year and cancel and then re-up for the majorly discounted rate?

I also have the same question for my real debrid account?

Any advice you can give I greatly appreciate it. Thank you

RD no, you have to go into your account and renew.
Yes for IPVanish
If you have used your credit card and agreed to their renewal after 1 year then it is a recurring payment and you’ll get a notice. But the smarter thing to do is, open the app, go to live customer service and discuss this with them. After all I can say one thing and whamo, something changes and they won’t auto renew and you’ll be all WTF is that Miki talking about, he doesn’t know squat.

Doesn’t the IPVanish price like quintruple on renewal though ?

If you cancel before the renewal then shortly after IPVanish will start sending you discount offers. Or like Miki said, you can try to discuss it with them and see if they will match the Troypoint discount. I didn’t know this before and I cancelled my subscription and then created a new account with a different email.

Real-debrid you can just go on the website at any time and buy a new subscription. It will add time onto your account. You don’t have to wait for it to expire. You can also cash in your fidelity points to get a little extra time added to your account.


Is there a best way to purchase a renewal subscription? Last time I tried my credit card denied it because it was an overseas purchase for real debrid. What’s the best way to purchase it if you know?

I have read that it can be difficult. Some people have reported that they are able to pay using Amazon, but the system defaults to amazon.de which is separate from a US account. I tested this out by going to that website and converting the language to English. If you hit the register button and login with your usual Amazon credentials it will load up everything on your account. Your payment information should be in your account settings and then you can use it for real-debrid. I would also recommend a prepaid Visa card if you’re willing to sign up for one of those. From what I’ve read there shouldn’t be any issue with foreign transactions using those. But I have not tested it myself.

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I am cdn and live full time in Mexico. My Credit card is cdn. My Amazon account is a .ca one. I simply went to debrid, signed up, used my credit card to pay as well as renewed with my credit card. No problem.

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