IP Vanish and Pluto

From time to time we watch Pluto here at home. I think I have a setting wrong in my IP Vanish because I have to disconnect it to access Pluto. I hate to just indiscriminately start clicking on things. That never seems to end well. I have warned the family to NEVER disconnect it, but I see no way around it. Is there a setting I can change to allow access to Pluto? Pardon if this is a redundant question; I searched extensively before posting and didn’t see this mentioned anywhere. As always, thanks in advance to all for any advice you can share.

Are you wanting to use you VPN while watching Pluto or just bypass it while watching?

@RedheadPuppy I just checked mine and at the moment running Surfshark. I have some apps set to bypass our VPN and Pluto was one so I turned it on to run through Surfshark and had no issues connecting. I don’t use IPVanish yet but did find this info on Split Tunneling on IPVanish

I am so sorry for the delay in responding to your offer of advice. I am a new gramma as of last Wednesday… kind of distracted! I try not to turn IP Vanish off unless I absolutely have to. I was looking for a way to watch free things, such as Pluto without having to disable IPVanish. Can it be done? Thanks in advance…

Hi @RedheadPuppy
Try downloading and installing TiviMate (start with the free version to see if you like it). Then input this:
There is a great tutorial @Powerfader put on a thread that is easy to follow to get you started

Pluto is totally legal. I don’t see any reason to run a VPN for legal sites in the USA. The ONLY reason I have a VPN is for when I pay my monthly bills, and to keep Concrap in check for throttling!

I never use a VPN to strictly bypass geo restrictions, app limits or access content. I use it for safetty and anonymity. Hackers and identity thieves surf the net to find unsecured streams and mine info. For me it’s about security and peace of mind.

The problem is that just about the time I access Cinema, I realize ‘hey, the green dot is now red’…RATS… I didn’t reconnect IPVanish. Back out I go, connect to IPVanish and back to Cinema. However, here is what happens when I try to access Pluto without disabling IPVanish. It spins, and spins then spins some more. Finally, a message appears that reads “This application is not available in your zip code area”. As soon as I disconnect IPVanish, I am back in the zip code area that Pluto likes.
And what is up with the Zip Code thing? Its not like I am trying to access the USPS, for Pete’s sake! This is no big deal… I just thought it was some setting I had omitted Sbrowne126, I am going to try the TiviMate this evening and see if that fixes it. If not, I will simply connect and disconnect. Thanks to one and all for all your suggestions! Have a great weekend.

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maybe try connecting after you have booted up your app.

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Try running with “Tunneling”.

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Please let us know how you make out with Tivimate. Enquiring minds want to know.

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