IP Vanish and Pluto

From time to time we watch Pluto here at home. I think I have a setting wrong in my IP Vanish because I have to disconnect it to access Pluto. I hate to just indiscriminately start clicking on things. That never seems to end well. I have warned the family to NEVER disconnect it, but I see no way around it. Is there a setting I can change to allow access to Pluto? Pardon if this is a redundant question; I searched extensively before posting and didn’t see this mentioned anywhere. As always, thanks in advance to all for any advice you can share.

Are you wanting to use you VPN while watching Pluto or just bypass it while watching?

@RedheadPuppy I just checked mine and at the moment running Surfshark. I have some apps set to bypass our VPN and Pluto was one so I turned it on to run through Surfshark and had no issues connecting. I don’t use IPVanish yet but did find this info on Split Tunneling on IPVanish