IP indicator on google play

For those who can get it to work there is the ip indicator on google play. Its what I use on the wolf launcher. If it doesnt work its usually because you need to do a little adb magic…I believe Troy has a video or tut on it. Some boxes it works without much, others are more locked down. Works great on my shield and mecool boxes.

IP Widget - Apps on Google Play


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I can’t seem to find the installation instructions for this @TXRon. Do you have them somewhere?

When you try and install if it tells you you need permissions or adb you follow the onscreen directions. It will require a pc to help with setup at that point. Make sure you go into settings and allow ip widget all access as well as wolf launcher. In the mean time I will do a quick search and see if I can find instructions.

also, click on the app and go to bottom to permissions, enable everything

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