Invalid Real Debrid API message on Stremio

Hi, I can never seem to get Stremio to work with Real Debrid although I have followed Troy’s instructions to the letter and the API code is the exact on which pops up on the Torrentio site where it is generated. Any further suggestions how to make Stremio work on the Firestick, or to get rid of the Invalid message? Thanks!

Make sure your getting the entire code, its very long

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The easiest way to set up Stremio is to install it on your computer. Then it’s easier to copy/paste the API code. That code is long and easy to make mistakes on. Once it’s configured on you computer, when you install it and log in on your streaming device your settings, including the api key are applied.

It took me several tries to get it right. As dumb as it sounds, I ended up using Puffin browser instead of TV Bro and when I had enough patience to get the whole string of API code in there correctly, it has worked perfectly.

Ya I had to write mine down. One letter/number at a time. Damn lucky to get it the first try.

Fascinating, and brilliant. Thanks so much, Miki. I will give that a try. Very much appreciated.

I have attempted so many times, I know what ‘dumb’ feels like. Stremio has been ‘humble pie’ for me. Thanks very much for getting back to me and for the supportive comments!

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Indeed. I have even done the old memory trick of separating it into chunks so as to get it right. So far, not working. Thanks for the reply, Camzilla.


Do you not have a pc/laptop? once its setup all you have to do is login on any device.

Another way of doing it is to use the FireTv app on your phone or tablet. Bring up the Stremio form on your stick, open RD on your tablet bring up the Stremio form field on the FireTv app and copy an paste the RD key into it.


Extremely helpful; thanks very much!

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