Introduction of me

Hello All, I am just glad to find a family of friends again. I love the cord-cutting adventures that Troy have provided for us in these 4,5,6 years or more! He has taught me how to add-on and more. Ok, HI to you all. Do continue to stay safe!



Welcome to our community!

Thank you! This website is fantastic and as been the starting point for many.

Enjoy and cord cut!


Welcome…glad to have you here…the people here are great…


Welcome. There are some very knowledgeable people here but I’m not one of them.


WELCOME! We can all learn from each other. No question is silly and just makes us all that much better


Enjoy our little family. Merry Christmas.

Have fun and STREAM ON.


Thx to all for the welcome. I am very happy to be engaged w/humans AGAIN! So exciting and looking for to the learning trail. So, not all at once, who’s the nerdy one of the bunch? I wanna team up with them. Ah, I’m from Texas and as of today, it’s still humid with temps in the 80’s(so sad…). By the time winter teaches us, others have frozen over and starting to defrost >weather humor<… 1) What’s your favorite app, build, etc of all? I’m loving kodi w/builds…


Boy-oh-boy, spelling correct is NOT always with you. for ~ forward…


Welcome, I just started also but been following for awhile now. May everyone have a Safe n Beautiful Holiday.


Amazing founder, Amazing team , Amazing community of people willing to take the time to help one another find solutions to issues that Novice and beginners come across in this wide world of cord cutting. We can all learn something for everyone here!!!. I’m very proud to apart of this awesome community. Thanks to everyone here for being a part of it. I wish you all an amazing holiday season, Xmas and all the best in 2022 and years to come. :pray:t3:

BAM :boom:


Welcome @LarryD113 from the Great White North!

I haven’t been on here long either but I have already learned so much from all the great people here. It is so refreshing to find an open forum where people help each other to sort things out. I’ve had my fill of forums where the moderators are either power hungry or ego maniacs.

What worked for me was to go with the Diggz build to setup Kodi with a good base of things to try out. I added Real Debrid and Trakt. RD was a total game changer from when I had used Kodi in the past. I eventually migrated over to using Fen as my primary video add-on. I just like the flexibility to do so many things with it and I find it works better with finding the right content. But I also can use Seren, The Oath or others if I run into problems.

Eventually, I might try going without a build to reduce the overhead but so far it’s not a problem.

And of course, you’re setup and preferences might be different. And that’s great. I like to keep an open mind and continue to learn about new things to try.

Anyway welcome and let us know how things work out.



Welcome to the experience


You know, I never knew that much about Fen. I have seen it before but was very caught up with “the magic dragon” apk. While on the subject, is there a cheat sheet or listing of the various apk’s? Sure seems like it would come in handy. I do hope all have a very enjoyable upcoming weekend. Do continue to stay safe(take NO wooden nickles!). Enjoy life to the fullest.


Welcome aboard Larry. You will be amazed how much knowledge you will obtain from some of these great folks here. You are never to old to learn - I prove that every day!! :grinning:


The search button is your friend. A lot of knowledge here search and read then ask what you can’t find everyone loves to help we all have questions :wink: that need to be answered time to time happy holidays :+1:


:wave: WELCOME LarryD113
I’m also kind of a "Newbie" but everyone here is so helpful and I learn something new each time I come back in!!
Glad to "meet you" :handshake:


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